God/dess Chants

Hail All the Gods (Words trad.) - MP3 (306K) - PDF (Music)

Hail all the Gods / Hail all the Goddesses
Hail all the Holy Ones / We dwell together

Shinning Ones (Words by Phoenix) - MP3 (500K) - PDF (Music)

Shining one, wisdom filled, healers of the Earth
Call to us, and be with us, show us what we're worth
Ay ya, Ay ya Oh
Ay ya, Ay ya Oh

Listen To the Voices - MP3 (998K) - PDF (Music)

(Words originally by Holly Near, modified by Phoenix)

Listen to the voice of the Goddesses
Listen to the voice of all the Gods
Calling out the messages of the moon and sea
Telling us what we need to know
In order to be free
Hear their whispered words in the wind
Hear their whispered words in the wind

Into the Light (Words by Phoenix) - MP3 (465K) - PDF (Music)

I hail the Gods and I hail the Goddesses
Their powers growing, their powers flowing
Bring us your might, into the light.

Hail all the Gods -Long Version - MP3 (722K) - PDF (Music)

(Words: First verse, Trad. Second verse, Richard MacKelley; Bridge section, Gwynne Green. Music: Paul Maurice, Sean Miller, and Gail Williams.)

Hail all the Gods,
Hail all the Goddesses,
Hail all the Holy Ones,
We dwell together.

Lords of the sky,
Ladies of sacred earth.
Spirits and the ancestors,
We dwell together.

Hail all the Gods!
Hail all the Goddesses!
Hail all the Gods...and Goddesses

(repeat 3x)

Last updated - 4/5/04