Rev. Skip Ellison is pleased to announce the completion of his new book on Oghams

"Oghams: the Secret Language of the Druids"

This book is a revised and expanded edition of my previous ogham book, "The Druids' Alphabet."

Oghams: The Secret Language of the Druids

This book is based on the "Auraicept Na N-éces: A Scholars' Primer" edited by George Calder in 1917. It starts out with a short history of the Oghams, discuses how the Oghams were used and then goes into a detailed description of the Tree Ogham. Included are 10 associations for each of the first 20 letters of the Tree Ogham. These associations are based on the other Oghams given in the book and the rules that were used to establish associations when the Ogham was first developed.

The other 121 Oghams discussed in the Scholar's Primer are also talked about in detail with pictures or drawings of each of them.

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The cover price is $12.95

ISBN 978-0-9765681-1-7

This is the chart of the oghams as used in my book.

ogham chart as used by Skip

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