"The Wheel of the Year at Muin Mound Grove, ADF: A Cycle of Druid Rituals."

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This book includes sections for each of the High Days with a 2 to 4 page history of the holiday, a one page script for the holiday, a one page script with the Gaelic phrases we use (including phonetic pronunciation), a full script with all invocations and spoken parts and finally, a one page chant sheet.

Also included are rituals for Handfasting, both as part of a High Day ritual and by itself, a ceremony for naming and saining a new born baby, our "Welcoming to the Grove" ceremony we use when people join the Folk of the Grove and an outline for the all night vigil we use with people joining the Folk of the Grove. The final section includes 45 chants for all parts of our rituals divided up by section.

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