Druid Coalitions

Druid coalitions are of comparatively recent origins. They are associations of people following many different paths of Druidry who join together for learning and companionship. Most of the groups have formed within the past few years in the US but UK groups have been around much longer. Along with the groups listed in this section, there is an email group for people interested in forming new coalitions. This list can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/druidCI.

ArkOkla Druids
California Druids
Council of British Druid Orders - COBDO
Druids of Texas (DOT)
International Grand Lodge of Druidism (IGLD)
North East Druid Coalition (NEDC)
Pacific Northwest Druid Coalition (PNWDC)
Scottish Druid Coalition
South Central Druid Coalition
South East Druid Coalition - USA
The Druid Forum